The Team

Carlos Cruz

Founder and CEO Unicage EU

Carlos Cruz has over 20 years of experience in managing the day-to-day areas of sales, operations, and data systems in organizations.

Carlos Cruz started his first venture while studying Business Administration at ISCTE University (  “Fail but Fail Fast” was the first and most important lesson he learned and a headhunter once told him that he is off the regular career pathway – and he was right.

After that, he worked for Intel Security for  8 years as a Retail Manager and in 2014, he was selected for the MIT Portugal Program – Building Global Innovators, for a project in Big Data applied to Public Transportation and Payments. In 2016, he set up Unicage EU with Nobuaki Tounaka and Daniel Faria. In 2017, Unicage was shortlisted for the Banking Technology Awards in London with the MUFG Project in Japan. 

Nobuaki Tounaka

Founder and CEO USP Lab Japan

In 1992, he left the Ph.D. program in Information Engineering at Tokyo University to work for Daiei, Inc. and in 1996, he won the President’s Award for system improvements.

From 2000 to 2002, Tounaka-san was a visiting professor at the University of Marketing and Distribution Sciences where led activities subsidized by the Information Technology Promotion Agency.

He founded USP Labs in 2005 as CEO From 2009 to 2011, he was a lecturer at Cornel University Retail Management Program of Japan.

Miguel Ferreira

System Engineer

Miguel Ferreira is a Unicage System Engineer. He is responsible for developing software solutions that meet the challenges posed by big data pipelines. He received his PhD in Physics from Lisbon’s Instituto Superior Técnico in 2019 and carries the enthusiasm for understanding how things work into everything he does. He lives in Lisbon with his wife and likes to spend his free time reading books (preferably on a sunny terrace!).

André Neves

System Engineer

André was a COBOL developer that, at a certain point in life, decided to deepen his IT knowledge and explore the world of Bioinformatics, an area that has fascinated him since his Bachelor’s degree. To achieve this, he returned to college to take a Master’s degree in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, where the focus of his thesis was applying deep learning and natural language processing techniques to biomedical literature. Nowadays, he is a certified engineer by Unicage and works with Data Processing pipelines.

Rodrigo Henriques

System Engineer

Rodrigo is a recent graduate with a computer Engineering Degree and solid knowledge in Java. He is a fast learner, has great teamwork skills and presents an eagerness to learn and to improve his own skill set. Rodrigo is a certified engineer by Unicage.

Miguel Vieira

System Engineer

Yuichi Inoue

Lead Development Director

Takaaki Sugiyama

Senior Unicage Engineer

Takaaki is a Senior Unicage  software engineer with over 15 years of experience in Java, C and JavaScript, and 8 years of experience in UNICAGE technology.

Also has knowledge about web-based solution technologies, computer architecture, middleware technologies and Linux/FreeBSD operation.

Sometimes, works as a technical writer that presents some IT news,  programing tips and review of new solutions.

Buyanjargal Shirnen


Buyanjargal Shirnen is a director of Unicage evangelism at USP Ltd. in Japan and CEO of USP Mongolia in Mongolia, a subsidiary of USP Ltd. He served a founding principle and director of New Mongol college of technology in Mongolia for 5 years which is a college modeled on Japanese technology college called KOSEN.As the director for Unicage™ framework evangelism, developed by USP Lab. LTD., his role is to connect and make its best practices accessible to enterprises, new graduates and IT developers.

Claudia Ribeiro

Business Development Manager

Middle East and Africa.

Daniel Faria


Tiago Mota

Non-Executive Advisor

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