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The Unicage Technology was developed by Nobuaki Tounaka in Japan, founder of USP Lab in 2005. Unicage is a shell scripting development language that can operate in single machine or in a cluster-oriented environment, with 200 proprietary commands, of which 60 are used regularly for simplicity, while utilizing UNIX-like OS fundamentals and standards. 

Unicage as a company started in 2016 in Europe with is head office in Teclabs, Faculdade de Ciências in Lisbon ( https://teclabs.pt/en/). 

In 2017, Unicage was selected for the banking awards in London for the MUFG project.

In 2018, Unicage started a R&D program in the fields of Data Security, Data Optimization, Data Processing and Data Engineering, in single machine and cluster approach. 

Also in 2018, Unicage started a research collaboration with Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisboa, in the fields of Big Data Processing and Distributed Systems, with Professor Miguel L. Pardal (http://web.tecnico.ulisboa.pt/miguel.pardal/). Some of this work has been published in International Peer-Reviewed conferences. In this context, Unicage also sponsored EDBT/ICDT 2019, a dual scientific conference event, in March 2019, with high visibility in the research of Data Management and Foundations of Database Systems (https://edbticdt2019.inesc-id.pt/). 

In 2021, Unicage was selected for the Banking Awards in London for a project of revenue assurance that as been done for financial institution Unicre (https://www.unicre.pt/). 

In addition, Unicage started a collaboration with University of Minho, in one of the research units of INESC TEC, HASLab, with invited assistant professor João Tiago Paulo (https://jtpaulo.github.io/).

Also in this year, Unicage starts a collaboration with LASIGE (https://www.lasige.pt/), a research unit at the Department of Informatics, Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon with the supervision of Professor Francisco Couto (https://ciencias.ulisboa.pt/perfil/fjcouto).

In the last years, Unicage has established several partnerships with consulting companies, and nowadays, our team is working with clients and partners to perform complex integrations and customizations to accelerate the digital transformation in a variety of industries.

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