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Figure: What data scientists spend the most time doing

Source: Forbes Magazine

50% less time collecting and cleaning data sets 

Most of the time spent on data analytics is consumed by data preparation. According to Forbes Magazine, the estimation is around 80%.

With Unicage, you can reduce this time up to 50% by letting us do the heavy lifting for you and making sure you have more time to do the analysis you need.

Everyone on the same page

In many large organizations, data is collected and analyzed in silos. This leads to inconsistencies if the processing and analytics methods are different from department to department. Unicage allows these silos to remain untouched, but creates a single source of truth from multiple datasets that you can count on to make big, data-driven decisions.

Traditional Data Silos

The Power of Unicage

Solutions for any industry.

Our customers span a variety of industries, including key sectors like banking, utilities, insurance, telecom, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and more.

More data, less space

Unicage takes your large XML files and converts to a smaller, more efficient SSV (space separated value) text files, allowing for easy data analysis, and up to 80% less storage space. A 1GB file becomes 200MB after processing. 

Use your existing infrastructure. 

No need for new hardware or development specialists. Leverage the resources you already have and empower them with Unicage. Our tools allow your data silos to remain intact while creating a new non-destructive layer that can be processed and combined for better business intelligence. 

Coding is made easy for your existing development team – 5X faster with 5X less code. 

Scalable and customizable

Create tailor-made data processing processes that work for you. These processes will scale with your organization as the volume of data increases over time, creating a future-proof solution.

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