Healthcare – How to manage the data from a vaccination program with Unicage

Health Care institutions need to quickly integrate, synchronize, and transform massive data sets across multiple silos to create a single source of truth regarding the data of a distributed vaccination program.

Coordination and consensus are essential whenever one wants to prepare a distributed operation. One way to achieve this is to establish a coordination entity that performs a set of easy-to-understand tasks automatically and allow the other parts of the system to interact with it in a transactional way: one element provides input to the coordinator and the coordinator replies with instructions.

In this webinar we will show you how the Unicage system can be used to implement a coordinator-based system that manages a vaccination program across dozens of health units. We will assume that every time a patient receives a dose of a vaccine, a .json record is sent to a central unit. The central unit will then

  • validate the data;
  • join relevant information saved in .xml format to the .json records;
  • calculate when the next dose should be administered to each patient and
  • prepare reports to each health unit.

All these processes will be performed using Unicage commands acting exclusively on text files.

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