Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon – LASIGE

The Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon (FCUL) is a Portuguese teaching institution of excellence in several fields of sciences, math, and engineering. Teaching at FCUL is organized according to the Bologna model and its current structure accompanies scientific, technical, and entrepreneurial evolution. FCUL considers its mission to be expanding the limits of science and technology, by transferring scientific knowledge into society and promoting a research-based student education.

FCUL is composed by several research and development (R&D) units, each one of them with a specific focus. Among these R&D units, there is LASIGE which focus on the fields of Computer Science and Engineering. LASIGE is organized around six Research Lines of Excellence, conducting multidisciplinary scientific research in cutting edge areas and has high quality publications and peer recognition. The unit’s research is supported by key indicators of excellence and represents an added value to the Portuguese and European Science and Technology Systems.

Unicage is in collaboration with Professor Francisco M. Couto and his team of researchers from LASIGE. Francisco M. Couto is currently an associate professor with habilitation at FCUL and a researcher at LASIGE. His main research contributions cover several key aspects of bioinformatics and knowledge management, namely in proposing and developing various text mining solutions that explore the semantics encoded in ontologies and linked data matching systems. Together with his research group from the Deep Semantic Tagger (DeST) project, Unicage is embracing the LitCoin challenge, an international competition part of the NASA Tournament Lab. The goal of this challenge is accelerating scientific research in medicine and ensuring that data from biomedical publications can be maximally leveraged and reach a wide range of biomedical researchers, through the development of data-driven technology solutions.

The DeST project team has focus and expertise on several Natural Language Processing tasks, with several research conducted in this field applied to bioinformatics and the biomedical domain. This team has participated in several international challenges, with top performing text-mining solutions. With this partnership, it will be possible to combine the best from the Unicage technology with state-of-the-art solutions developed for Natural Language Processing tasks.

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