University of Minho – INESC TEC – HASLab

The University of Minho (UMinho –, founded in 1973, is one of the then named “New Universities” that, at that time, deeply changed the landscape of higher education in Portugal.

Located in the region of Minho, known for its significant economic activity and by the youth of its population, the University of Minho is playing the role of development agent in the region.

University of Minho is one of the most successful Portuguese institutions in attracting large European projects. It is the only Portuguese University that coordinates projects in all typologies of the Widening programme of the European Commission (EC). After having coordinated a REGPOT project in the 7th Framework Programme, it is currently coordinating a TEAMING project which is in its second phase, 2 TWINNING projects and an ERA-Chairs project, and is actively participating in another TEAMING project.

In 2021, Unicage started a collaboration with University of Minho, in one of the research units of INESC TEC, HASLab (, with invited assistant professor João Tiago Paulo (

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