Reconcile your data sources: are you prepared for the future?

From silos to a single source of truth

Do you know about everything that you don’t know? No one does.

But whenever you find out you don’t know something, you can always learn about it.

Usually, that involves gathering relevant information and coming up with ways to generate new knowledge from it. The more creative the analysis, the more diverse is the poll of data sources used. And, invariably, the new data sources must be combined with all the other sources of data that are already in use. This process of bringing together different data sources must be automated and efficient, and should consume the least amount of resources possible. It must also be simple to implement and easy to manage and maintain.

The Unicage system ticks all of these boxes. 

The Unicage system integrates seamlessly with any Unix-based system, which allows it to interact with any other technology that runs on or depends of such systems. This translates into a high diplomatic power when it comes to bringing different data sources together. Be it a sensor in an embedded system or a web-application usage counter, the increasing awareness regarding the importance of data will, inevitably, fuel the appearance of new sources of data.

Besides the versatility of the the Unicage system in overcoming the idiosyncrasies of each data stream, its ability to manipulate and organize the data means that you don’t need multiple systems on your stack: the Unicage system provides a complete environment to create tailored, maintainable solutions for all your data-related needs. 

Using such a diplomatic system, makes any data management operation future proof: no matter what other sources of data may need to be used in the future, the amount of data, or the format in which such data is transmitted, the Unicage system will be able to adapt and promote an easy integration. The increasing enthusiasm with the Internet of Things (IoT), as well as the development of the 5G networks, will open opportunities to collect data from new sources.

This will be an excellent opportunity to improve the analytic capability of any organization and facilitate the optimization of processes and delineation of new strategies. 

Are you prepared for the future?

Traditional Data Silos

Single Source of Truth

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