Shell Scripting and Unicage – A Powerful Alliance

A shell script is a program designed to be run by the Unix Shell, a command line interpreter and interface. A shell script is composed by a list of commands that are executed in order, from top to bottom, and can be used to create processing pipelines. These commands can be Unix built-in functions, commands from other programing languages such as AWK or Perl, or even other scripts. Additionally, shell scripts may also contain variables, arrays, control-flow structures, subroutines, among other features, that allow the creation of complex applications. However, simply using shell scripting and its built-in commands has its limitations and might not be efficient for every case. That is where Unicage comes in.

Unicage offers a set of highly efficient commands that allow the user to build robust, yet flexible systems in a modular way through data processing pipelines. These commands can complement existing shell pipelines, providing the user with additional tools for a plethora of operations, such as data manipulation and formatting, complex math, statistical operations, among others. In addition, Unicage follows the Unix philosophy, a set of concepts and guidelines that focus on designing small but highly efficient programs, thus assuring the high-speed processing of data whilst maintaining an efficient memory and resource management.

By combining the characteristics of shell scripting with the Unicage commands, the user can create easy-to-use and highly efficient pipelines that are able to process large amounts of data in a fast and efficient way. This solution can also be easily integrated in existing systems and pipelines without the need of creating a new system from scratch. Additionally, Unicage counts with a team of Software Engineers proficient in developing data engineering solutions using both Unicage commands and shell scripting. This team can implement and provide support to companies that wish to integrate a software solution using Unicage commands and methodology.

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