Unicage’s proprietary UNIX-based commands enable the quick, efficient, and secure integration, preparation, synchronization, and transformation of data sets of any size. 

Unicage platform

The Unicage platform enables the integration, preparation, synchronization and transformation of your data so that you can streamline and optimize your data lifecycle.

Unicage uses Linux, text files, and shell scripting to build information systems capable of handling enormous datasets in an affordable, quick, and flexible way. Unicage combines a high-performance database back-end with a simple Linux shell-based programming front-end. 

Unicage does not require resource-heavy  middleware, Java applications, or SQL programming in order to create functional software. All coding is done in a simple, but powerful, Linux shell scripting language. This massively increases performance while significantly reducing training requirements for developers and overall time-to-market. Scripts can be generated on-the-fly for ad-hoc analysis needs in a matter of minutes.

Unicage Integration and Connectivity

Easy connectivity to any other technologies

  • User Interface
  • Main Frame
  • Database
  • Web Service
  • IoT 


Unicage Advantages

Low Cost to Run / Easy to Program

  • Uses inexpensive x86 servers and OS (Linux)
  • Data is kept in plain text, programming in shell script, no middleware required
  • No forklift upgrades (data and software remain same when HW/OS change)

Fast to Development / Fast to Process

  • Programs are very short
  • One engineer can design, develop, and operate
  • Stripped out unnecessary features to maximize hardware performance

Flexible /Transparent

  • Programming is simple and easy to customize (5-10x less code and faster time than Cobol or Java)
  • Easy access to different data sources (ERPs, DBs, flat text files, …)
  • Keep data in organized and structured Unicage format

Why customers love Unicage:

1. Fast learning curve for programmers (1 month training + 3 months on the job);
2. Data Structure is transparent (Structured text files);
3. Programs are very short (95% shorter than traditional DB middleware);
4. Runs under latest UNIX/Linux OS to ensure security.

Key Features Comparison

Feature Hadoop Appliance Devices Unicage Architecture
OSS Based: Runs under any UNIX-based OS (Linux/Free BSD) X X
Inexpensive Hardware: Runs on entry-class servers X X
Scale Out Architecture: Can be scaled out similar to Hadoop. Can increase processing nodes dynamically based on load. X X
High Speed Performance: High-speed commands and distributed processing. Can be used for front-end processing for legacy DB apps and Hadoop. X X X
Maintenance and Support: Can be supported by anyone savvy in OS kernel technology. X X
Stability: Only uses the features of UNIX that have been stable for 40 years. X X

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