Philosophy & Method

Unicage extends UNIX shell scripting with valuable data management commands.

Use Cases

  • Fast processing of large data sets (Mathematical Operations, Search Engines, Analytics and Reporting)
  • Transactional systems (Order Management, Inventory Management, Payment Processing, Data Lakes)
  • Support for data converters (UTF-8 Text Data)

Unicage embraces the UNIX fundamentals

Small is beautiful.

One program (command) should only do one thing.

Prototyping should be as fast as possible.

Portability takes precedence over efficiency.

Data is stored as plain text.

Commands are used as “levers” (can be combined & reused).

Applications are written in shell script.

All programs are designed as filters (pipes).

Source: “The UNIX Way of Thinking” by Mike Gancarz

Unicage Development Environments

UNIX is a multiuser, multitasking operating system that can manage jobs.

In virtual OS or container technology, limiting the control of resource usage by each user is easily realized. 


Unicage’s strength is agile development

Unicage Development Architecture

Unicage maximizes multi-core CPU efficiency through the use of pipes

Shell Script Pipe Processing

  • Distributed to cores by process
  • Data is processed quickly in memory
  • If you use named pipes you can program branches explicitly

Usage examples of the most used commands

See Unicage in action in our examples of some of the most common commands. 

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