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Unicage is a set of highly efficient commands that allow the user to build robust, yet flexible systems in a
modular way through data processing pipelines. Each Unicage command is written in the C
programming language and has been designed to allow high-speed processing whilst maintaining
efficient memory and resource management. In addition, Unicage follows the Unix philosophy, a set of
concepts and guidelines that focus on designing small but highly efficient programs, thus assuring that
each Unicage program is designed with efficiency in mind.

Taking these arguments into account, Unicage as decided to provide an open version of some of its
commands so that companies and developers can experience in firsthand the efficiency of the Unicage
commands and be able to develop simple file processing pipelines using Unicage. The Unicage Open
Version is available at Github, an online platform dedicated to software development, disclosure, and
version control through the usage of git.

The Unicage Open Version offers a set of 48 commands that allow anyone to parse and process text files
with ease. However, some commands are made available only through Python scripts. For the full set of
commands, one can opt for the Unicage Enterprise Version, which comprises more than 200 commands,
all of them written in C, and that offer a complete toolkit for processing different types of files, complex
mathematical calculations, data formatting, among others.

If you want to know more about Unicage Open Version, feel free to visit our
Github page, where you can check the installation
instructions, verify in detail the provided commands along with usage examples that are provided in a
small guide that has everything you need to know about Unicage Open Version and how to use it.

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