Retail – Reporting Use Case

AEON Forest

Produce reports that use a single source of truth – enabling better data-driven decisions.

Aeon Forest Co., Ltd.

Aeon Forest Co., Ltd. operates cosmetics and beauty stores, providing masks, body products, shampoos, fragrances, cosmetics, and other products throughout Japan.

Use Case: Automation of high frequency queries and unification of data from multiple sources.

For normal reporting needs, regular tools may work to perform analyses. However, for queries that are retrieved frequently, it is cumbersome to write out search criteria and wait for output each time.

For better business intelligence, it makes sense to incorporate these high-frequency queries into the standard output.

As the IT team works to respond to requests coming from sales, accounting, and auditing, they can prioritize them, then incorporate display screens and tables as necessary by automating them as standard processes that run according to their needs.


Unifying different databases with complementary information that support various reporting needs. 


The implementation of Unicage Platform allowed a link between different databases, maintaining the integrity and quality of the data.


Improvement in the quality and consistency of the data to the business units decision makers.



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