Use Unicage to securely and quickly process critical financial data.

Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG)

Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Inc. is a Japanese bank holding and financial services company headquartered in Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan. MUFG holds assets of around US$2,459 billion as of 2016, making it the world’s fifth largest bank by total assets and is one of the main companies of the Mitsubishi Group.


MUFG needed to process credit and banking data for 30 million clients, 200,000 merchants, and 100 million transactions every month. 


Leverage Unicage to power faster data processing using less code.


  • 4x less code (from 3.6k lines of code in COBOL to <1k Unicage instructions) and 5x faster development (from 3 months to <3 weeks in Unicage)
  • 8x faster processing (from >15h in Hitachi Mainframe, down to <2h in x86 based Unicage architecture – using 5 6-core CPUs)
  • Significant cost reduction (~$1m Host investment replaced by ~$50k x86 acquisition)

Technical Benefits

Processing Speed

Processing time was reduced to 1/8 of the COBOL system (116.00/929.69=12,4%)

Unicage was measured running on 5×86 servers (6-core CPU x 2, 48GB RAM)

If the number of servers is increased and processing distributed, even faster processing is possible.

Development Productivity

Using COBOL:
24 processes and 7 jobs required, so development took three months.

Using Unicage:
Coding – 5 days; Testing – 5 days; Performance Tweaking – 3 days Developed by a Unicage engineer with 5 years experience in 13 days.

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