Legacy Systems Data Integration into OutSystems

Unicage offers a data engineering solution that allows you to create the needed input files, based on the knowledge of the expected OutSystems structure, to seamlessly load your legacy data into your OutSystems environments through the DMM solution.

Unicage’s data engineer experts work with Unicage’s proprietary technology to allow for the construction of robust, yet flexible, systems in a modular way, through data processing pipelines. Unicage technology is also format-agnostic, meaning that it can work with any type of text data independent of its format.

For example, Unicage can develop a data integration system with Unicage on its core, capable of extracting data from different sources such as databases, file systems, APIs, ETL extracts, streaming, and legacy systems such as Lotus Notes and Domino. This data is then processed and normalized using Unicage commands so it can be injected into the Data Migration Manager (DMM) for OutSystems.

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