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Delta Cafés

Produce reports that use a single source of truth – enabling better data-driven decisions.

Delta Cafés

Delta Cafés is a Portuguese coffee roasting and coffee packaging company headquartered in Campo Maior, Alentejo. The company was founded in 1961 and is among the top market leaders in the Iberian Peninsula.


The Control of the investment, the registration of the contracts and the client information were carried by the administrative areas of the departments, and all the data came from different source systems. In order to be able to measure the degree of compliance with the contracted values with the customer, Delta needed to have a system that automatically consolidate the information from the different systems, validate it, consolidate it and automatically provide the necessary kpis to accelerate.


In a context of increasing digitization of internal and external operations and in the face of the need to monitor market changes, Unicage developed a solution to Delta Cafés capable of collecting, analyzing and centralizing the information of the various applications and sources that make up the Group’s structure. The consolidation of data from various applications and sources, allows to accelerate the process of information availability and increase the effectiveness, and efficiency of the decision-making process by the various internal stakeholders, namely those responsible for the commercial, marketing, audit, logistics, financial and administration departments.

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