Are you strugling with your data engineering processes?

Unicage is a data engineering platform.


We work together with organizations in the planning and implementation of data engineering systems.

Unicage is a tailor-made data solution that allows you to manage your whole data lifecycle. This  framework enables companies to perform complex integrations and customizations to accelerate your digital transformation. 

By controlling the integration, preparation, synchronization and transformation of your data you can streamline and optimize your business decisions.

Our solution uses your existing infrastructure and technical resources and empowers them with tools that save time, save storage space, use less code, and create consistent data across the business.

Industry agnostic.

Unicage fits businesses across all industries – including key sectors like banking, utilities, insurance, telecom, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and more.

Secure, fast, scalable.

Unicage is a scalable development framework with simple yet powerful UNIX-based commands to securely transfer and process data.

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